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  • 21. June 2018

    We had no idea it would be our last gig when we played it

  • A lovely summer day in the old city at
    Untergasse 25, 2502 Biel

    In memoria of our guitarist Hans-Peter Staub aka Not Zal who to our great sorrow died on 3rd September 2018. The shown Photo was taken during 2014 Tourette on our way from Colwyn Bay, Wales to Glasgow, 16.Aug.2014.
    Not Zal can't be replaced and so the rest of us decided to stop Not SAHB!

    Here some of our best Videos and Studio Recordings

    As of


    Previous Gigs

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  • 5. August 2017

  • Marina Bar ... einen Steinwurf vom Dreiländereck entfernt: Uferstrasse 100, 4057 Basel


  • 3. August 2017

  • In der immer noch wunderschönen Altstadt im café DU COMMERCE in Biel

    mit neuen Songs

    Untergasse 25, 2502 Biel


    Vom Bahnhof mit dem Bus (3 Stationen)

  • April 20-24, 2017
  • After our one year hiatus we will tour Scotland and Wales in 2017 again. We are looking forward to see you all!

    Is Nessie perhaps hiding here?


    With a new set hear and see us in

    • Inverness, Scotland - Thu 20.Apr.2017, the monster called us once more into the MARKET bar, 32 Church Street, Inverness, IV1 1EH, +44 1463 220203
    • Glasgow, Scotland - Fri 21.Apr.2017 Hard Rock Café (picture), 179 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, G1 2JZ, +44 141 353 8790
    • Old Colwyn, Wales - Sat 22.Apr.2017 Marine Hotel, 236 Abergele Road
    • Edinburgh, Scotland - Sun 23.Apr.2017 Sneaky Pete's, 73 Cowgate
    Just go to...

  • December 30, 2016
    doors @ 10pm
  • We played for our Swiss folks a gig at the end of 2016 at the phantastic ...

    Terrasamba Büklü aka Terrorsamba, Feldbergstrasse 71, Basel

    Easily reachable via Tram and Bus, Stop Feldbergstrasse

  • September 16-20, 2015
  • We were once more on a tour from Glasgow, Edinburgh, to the Highlands this time!! ;-)

    In addition to your favorites, we are afraid, we intend to change our set list once more! Be ready for some new treats:

    • Inverness, Scotland - Wed 16.Sep.2015, the monster has not yet told us where ... oh no, it is MARKET bar, 32 Church Street, Inverness, IV1 1EH, +44 1463 220203
    • Dundee, Scotland - Thu 17.Aug.2015 Beat Generator Live, 70 North Lindsay Street, Dundee, DD1 1PS
    • Aberdeen, Scotland - Fri 18.Aug.2015 Cafe Drummond, Belmont Street, Aberdeen AB10 1BF, +44 1224 619930
    • Glasgow, Scotland - Sat 16.Aug.2015 Vale Bar, 5-7 Dundas Street, City Centre, Glasgow G1 2AH, +44 141 333 0946
    • Edinburgh, Scotland - Sun 17.Aug.2015 Voodoo Rooms, 19a West Register Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2AA, +44 131 556 7060
    Look at the monster ...


    Just go to...

  • Sa, 14. März 2015

    Das ist keine Hochzeitsfeier!

    Türöffnung 21h

    CHF 10

  • Unser Ex-Roadie Mathias hat Geburtstag, was wir zum Anlass nahmen auch mal im berühmten Bad Bonn in Düdingen zu spielen.

    Bad Bonn, Düdingen, Fribourg

    Where the hell is Bad Bonn? Tonverein Bad Bonn
    Bonn 2
    Postfach 17
    CH-3186 Düdingen

    Tel. +41 26 493 11 15


  • 27. Dez 2014

    Türöffnung 20h

  • There is no lights on the Christmas Tree, Mother!

    Langstars, Zurich
    and even with the complete band, i.e. (Eva, not really true, she got sick) and Ina!!

    Support: Urs Matravers & His Own Private Rodeo

    Free entrance


    Langstars - Zurich - Langstrasse 120
    Tel: +41 43 317 96 55
    E-mail: info@langstars.com
  • August 11-18, 2014


  • We were once more on a tour from London to Edinburgh, including Wales this time!! ;-)

    We played also several new songs and were of course guilty for other surprises:

    • London, UK - Wed 13.Aug.2014 The Urban Bar, 176 Whitechapel
    • Rhyl, Wales - Thu 14.Aug.2014 Rhyl Rugby Sport & Social Club
    • Old Colwyn, Wales - Fri 15.Aug.2014 Marine Hotel, 236 Abergele Road
    • Glasgow, Scotland - Sat 16.Aug.2014 O2 ABC, 300 Sauchiehall Street
    • Edinburgh, Scotland - Sun 17.Aug.2014 Sneaky Pete's, 73 Cowgate
    Just follow the signs...
  • 26. June 2014

    Konzertbeginn 21h (Öffnungszeiten 16h-02h30)

  • In der wunderschönen Altstadt im café DU COMMERCE in Biel

    mit neuen Songs

    Untergasse 25, 2502 Biel



    Vom Bahnhof mit dem Bus (3 Stationen)

  • Sat 4.Jan.2014

    Türöffnung ca. 20h
  • Im Kreuz, Solothurn

    Als Weihnachtsgeschenk zum Neujahrsanfang, einmalig in der Schweiz ein Auftritt! Nicht verpassen!




    Kreuz-Kultur Aufhänger 12'13

    Zu Fuss 5' vom Bahnhof
    Kreuzgasse 4, 4500 Solothurn
    +41 32 622 24 19
  • Sat 4.May.2013 (t.b.c.)

    Doors @ ?pm
  • At Maggie Mays, Glasgow


    60 The Trongate, Glasgow G1 5EP, Scotland
    +44 141 548 1350
    Sat Nov. 3rd 2012
    Doors from 7pm
    At the SAHBRock Festival in Ivory Blacks, Glasgow

    Tickets (In aid of Yorkhill Children's Foundation)

    Ivory Blacks is a 300 capacity venue run by music lovers, for music lovers in Glasgow City Centre.

    WARNING: Following video starts with an advertisement you need to endure ...
    Watch live video from SAHBROCK2012 on Justin.tv
    56 Oswald Street, Glasgow, G1 4PL, United Kingdom +44 141 248 4114
    Fri Nov. 2nd 2012
    Doors @ 8 pm
    Dundee, Scotland
    Beat Generator Live
    Event Info  
    70 North Lindsay Street, Dundee, Angus DD1 1PS, United Kingdom, +44 1382 229226
    Thu Nov. 1st 2012
    Doors @ 7:30 pm
    Live at the award-winning bar & restaurant The Voodoo Rooms, located in central Edinburgh, Scotland

    Support baby isaac * rhythm&blues * jazz

    The Voodoo Rooms Map
    19a West Register St, Edinburgh, EH2 2AA Phone: +44 131 556 7060 info@thevoodoorooms.com
    Sep. 21 2012
    Show starts @ 21:00 (no change of time!)
    Again a concert in our home country Langstars, Zurich
    and even with the complete band, i.e. Eva and Ina!!

    Support: Major Bliss

    Free entry

    Songs    Photos:   Best    Remaining    All

    Langstars on NSAHB


    Langstars - Zurich - Langstrasse 120
    Tel: +41 43 317 96 55
    E-mail: info@langstars.com
    Fri, 13 Jul 2012, > 19h30

    Cafe Memphis with Eva and also with Ina aka Alice the Pirate for a short time in Switzerland

    Shame on Cafe Memphis!
    They want a rock n' roll band to play no louder than 83 dB!
    Must be your lucky day!!!!
    but was not our after all! Grrrrr :-(
    How to get there? By bus 31, 32, 33, or 34. Get off @ stop Zürich, Militär-/Langstrasse
    Thu 29.Mar.2012
    Doors @ 8pm, dinner @ 6pm
    The Ferry Videos    Photos:   Set 1    Set 2

    Every Day's a Fun Day @ The Ferry

    Peter Barrow wrote us: "Wonderful gig Gordon. You all performed 'out of your skins'. Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to all the 'boys and gurls' for their hard work and dedication that made for a night to remember. Priceless."

    25 Anderston Quay, Glasgow, G3 8BX



    Alba gae broth! - Scotland Tour August 2011:

  • Fri 19.Aug.2011, 8pm

  • Beat Generator Live, Dundee
    A great venue: Photos
    It's in Scotland...
    66-70 North Lindsay Street, Dundee
  • Sat 20.Aug.2011, 7pm
  • The Garage, 490 Sauchiehall St., Glasgow
    the garage, Glasgow Glasgow! we play here
  • Sat 20.Aug.2011, 10pm 30
  • Box Bar, 431 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow NSAHB at box
    "Box is an established compact bar and music venue with a fantastic reputation for not only supporting local bands seven nights a week but for guaranteeing an exceptionally entertaining night as well!"
    Basically accross the street
  • Sun 21.Aug.2011 7pm
  • Cabaret Voltaire - Edinburgh Fringe Festival
    Venue: Cabaret Voltaire 36 Blair Street, Edinburgh
    Breaking Boundaries in Music
    It's in Edinburgh...
    End of "Alba gae broth! - Scotland Tour August 2011"



    Thu, 30 Sep 2010, 23h


    ErstSemestrigenFest NSAHB (The NOTs) with Eva and Ina aka Alice the Pirate


    Sorry, for all our fans who did not make it through the long entrance queue! Come next time...

    Oh my!! Another stabbing of Delilah ...

    for more photos click on picture

    Venue: Mensa of ETH Hönggerberg (HPH, HPR)

    for cyclists & bikers
    British Tourette 2010
    18th-22nd August 2010



    Scotland and UK Various locations such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Penecuik, Colwyn Bay, Wales:

    Colwyn Bay was a great gig, we'd love to come again...

    Glasgow offered a max of excitement, including stolen e-cellos and Chris (not Not Chris) announcing us a real culmination of the tour

    Videos    Audience responses    incl. Catherine's blog snapshots
    (A Thousand Thanks to Catherine (and her husband Colin helpin' us all the time, what a gas!) and Chris!!!!!)

    Troubled Delilah (above)
    and, watch out, her husband (right)!

    Not Alex' (Gordon's) first Photos
    Mark / Waysted Photos
    More to follow ...


    Sat, 7 Aug 2010, > 7h30 Hestar Hof with lots of horses our Zal/HP likes to ride
    and with Ina aka Alice the Pirate back in Switzerland
    What Not Zal aka HP is doing in addition to playing guitar

    Venue: outdoors

    Map   how to get there?
    Thu, 26 Jun 2010, > 8pm Basel private event
    Thu, 20 May 2010, > 8pm

    StuZ, Studentisches Zentrum VSETH, Zurich,
    with Ina aka Alice the Pirate   

    The event takes place on request by students from [project21] and is coorganized by VIS!

    Videos   Videos @ facebook  
    Map   location (5' by tram from the main railway station, HB Zurich)
    Thu, 29 Apr 2010, > 9pm

    Hey Bar, Zurich,
    support: Dividing Line
    Google Map   Club HEY   how to get there (Bellevue, Zurich)  
    2009, 15h-18h30, 17.Okt. Das Klimafest (Stimmen fürs Klima), Bundeshausplatz, Bern
    Videos Videos (youtube) Photos   Venue   Flyer Map   location (5' walking distance from the main railway station, Bern)
    22.Mai.2009 9pm World Bar, Zurich,
    Langstrasse 80
    Photos Venue   Flyer Map   location
    28.Mar.2009 8pm Salzhaus, Winterthur,
    for My Blue Planet's 2nd Birthday Party
    Videos Videos (youtube) Article (before) Article (after the gig) Venue Map
    13.Sep.2008 8pm Endsommerfest, Freizeithaus Worb
    Photos   Venue Maps: overview   detailed   Google   Location
    4.Sep.2008 20h30
    Türöffnung 19h30
    Kulturmarkt, Zurich
    1. Jolokia (Support Band)
    2. NSAHB
    Videos   Photos
    Venue   Flyer   Kulturmarkt Brochure
    Map   location
    24.Aug.2008 20-22h GZ Bachwiesen, Zurich - Geburi Sabina
    Grillieren ab 16h
    Venue Gemeinschaftszentrum Bachwiesen
    28.Jun.2008 8pm
    Bei schlechtem Wetter 5.Jul.2008
    Idaplatz, Zurich
    Anlässlich dem Openair Kino
    5.Apr.2008 9pm
    Mambo Bar, Bremgarten,
    LIVE im (V)Mambo
    Videos   Photos  
    Venue   ad   setlist   playlist
    Eintritt frei!
    Map (Comolliareal)   location
    27.Jan.2008 - 20h00
    Eintritt frei!
    Bazillus, Zürich,
    Miss Brandy's Open Mic (Host)
    Venue     Flyer front, back
    Map   location (near main railway station, HB)
    1.Jun.2007 INOX Music Club in Baden, AG
    June Program
    Videos   Photos  
    Venue   Flyer
    03.Feb.2007 - 20h00 CCR - Choppers Club Regensdor at Clubhaus ALIBI (Double Gig with Rattlebones) Venue   Flyer   Photos   More photos Info   Map
    03.Nov.2006 - 20h00 Café Romand Videos  
    Flyer   ZueriTipp preview
    Info   Map
    27.Oct.2006 - 19h00 Terre Des Hommes charity concert for child relief at Strozzi's, Zurich Poster   Flyer   Photos Info   Map
    26.Oct.2006 - 19h00 Farewell Party of Britta and colleagues at University of Zurich, Irchel Photos   Movies Info
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