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RAMSES Documentation


For a general text on Modula-2 see Wirth (1985, 1988).

Excellent on-line texts are also available, e.g. Sutcliffe (2004-2005).

See also the Wikipedia and the Modula-2 Webring.


The latest RAMSES Read Me can be found here:   html   pdf PDF

For detailed hints on how to install RAMSES and behind the scenes technical information see Fischlin et al. (2006) PDF.

Documentation related to the individual RAMSES software layers can be found in each layer's home page (to be reached via navigation bar at the top).

There also exists a complete reference to all objects which are provided by RAMSES. That reference includes a powerful search facility and comes in two forms:

Cited References

Fischlin, A., Gyalistras, D. & Löffler, T.J. (2006). Installation Guide and Technical Reference of the RAMSES Software (Version 3) For Apple® Macintosh® Computers. A Technical Systems Ecology Report, ETH Zurich, 48pp. PDF

Wirth, N. (1985). Programing in Modula-2. Springer, Berlin a.o. 3rd. corr. edition. 202 pp.

Wirth, N. (1988). Programing in Modula-2. Springer, Berlin a.o. 4th. edition. 182pp. Last modified 9/29/10 [Top of page]   

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