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A Modula-2 shell for programing, modeling, simulation, and scientific data analysis

What Is TheRAMSES Shell?

The RAMSES Shell is a part of the RAMSES modeling and simulation environment. It is a tool (application) that offers the so-called RAMSES sessions for the following activities: Modeling, Experiment Definition, Simulation, and Post Analysis (MoEDSiPA concept, Fischlin 1991 PDF).

The RAMSES sessions support the development of models or programs, which can then be executed immediately from within the RAMSES Shell. This attractive feature depends on a dynamic loading linker, a powerful concept available since many years in the MacMETH Modula-2 Language System that forms the basis of the RAMSES Shell.

The RAMSES Shell features a set of functions used to activate and navigate through Modeling or Simulation Sessions. It allows you to specify the so-called work object and to customize your working environment. Actual modeling, simulation, or data analysis are left to the sessions, as implemented e.g. based on the ModelWorks software.

Note that the RAMSES Shell does not only provide an easy to use yet sophisticated environment for modeling and simulation, but also supports the execution of your own Dialog Machine programs or any other application, e.g. an editor, from within the shell.


The RAMSES Shell is freeware (courtesy ETH Zurich).

It is available only for the Mac Classic platform.

Download the RAMSES Shell as part of the RAMSES package here.


The RAMSES Shell has been developped by Andreas Fischlin.

Cited References

Fischlin, A. (1991). Interactive Modeling and Simulation of Environmental Systems on Working Stations. In: Möller, D.P.F. & Richter, O. (eds.), Analysis of dynamic systems in medicine, biology, and ecology. Informatik-Fachberichte 275: 131-145. PDF

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