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RAMSES Science Library

A collection of library modules useful for simulation and scientific data analysis

What Is the RAMSES Science Library?

The RAMSES Science Library, nick named ScienceLib, is a collection of Modula-2 library modules useful in scientific applications such as complex statistical analysis, geographical data processing, bioclimatic scenario generation and forest modeling.

The ScienceLib is particularly useful in conjunction with RAMSES. It is based on the Dialog Machine and ModelWorks and is consequently fully portable among Macintosh, IBM PC and Unix platforms.

To learn about the formal interface, notably all functions of the ScienceLib see:

  • Overview of the ScienceLib modules.
  • Quick Reference containing all functions of the ScienceLib in a compact format.

The latest ScienceLib Read Me can be found here:   pdf PDF


The ScienceLib is freeware (courtesy ETH Zurich). It is available separately and on request; send us an E-Mail, with "ScienceLib" as the subject header, to

For information on the needed Modula-2 development environments for the various supported computer platforms see here.


Most ScienceLib modules have been authored by Dimitrios Gyalistras.

Further contributions were by Andreas Fischlin and Thomas Nemecek. Last modified 10/11/10 [Top of page]   

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