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A collection of tools, utilities and extra library modules extending the ordinary RAMSES release

What Is RAMSES Extras?

RAMSES Extras extends the ordinary release of RAMSES (Fischlin 1991 PDF). It is a collection of tools, utilities, and some less frequently used library modules nick named AuxLibExtra.

Most importantly, RAMSES Extras features the Modula-2 Mode for the great editor Alpha (for latest releases see here).

The RAMSES Extras is mainly targeted for the Mac Classic platform, but it contains several utilities which are of particular interest when porting your programs between the Macintosh and the IBM PC platform (see also Fischlin et al. 2006 PDF).

To learn about the formal interface, notably all functions of the AuxLibExtra see:

  • Overview of the AuxLibExtra modules.
  • Quick Reference containing all functions of the AuxLibExtra in a compact format.


The RAMSES Extras is freeware (courtesy ETH Zurich).

Download it for:

  • Mac Classic   (all extras, including full AuxLibExtra)
  • Mac OS X   (part of the RASS-OSX package; selected AuxLibExtra modules only)
  • Sun Solaris   (part of the RASS-Sun package; selected AuxLibExtra modules only)

For the latest information not contained in the on-line help of the downloaded software, consult the RAMSES Extras Read Me:   html   pdf PDF.

For information on the needed Modula-2 development environments for the various supported computer platforms see here.


The largest part of the RAMSES Extras, in particular the Modula-2 mode, has been developped by Andreas Fischlin.

The authors of AuxLibExtra were Olivier Roth, Andreas Fischlin, Thomas Nemecek, Klara Vancso and Jürg Thöny.

The Mac Classic RAMSES Extras package contains several programs and tools developped by various other authors (see the release for more information).

Cited References

Fischlin, A. (1991). Interactive Modeling and Simulation of Environmental Systems on Working Stations. In: Möller, D.P.F. & Richter, O. (eds.), Analysis of dynamic systems in medicine, biology, and ecology. Informatik-Fachberichte 275: 131-145. PDF

Fischlin, A., Gyalistras, D. & Löffler, T.J. (2006). Installation Guide and Technical Reference of the RAMSES Software (Version 3) For Apple® Macintosh® Computers. A Technical Systems Ecology Report, ETH Zurich, Switzerland, 48pp. PDF

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